Yesterday was a holiday, so there was no column – unless you have an interest in BOREF or DCTH.

Today . . .


You’ve probably seen lots of slide shows like this that help to put the size of our planet – and problems – in perspective. English is not necessarily Zartha’s first language, and subtlety is not his trademark. But it’s pretty wonderful to run through these awe-inspiring photographs nonetheless.


Ah, the fantasy of being able to fly over traffic. Could the saving in gasoline from no longer having to crawl possibly make up for the added fuel required to fly? And what about the noise, pollution, and spectacularly fatal accidents? And is this really where we should be spending our $194,000? Nope. Still, you’ve got to smile at the thought. Check it out. (Next up: a flying SUV?)


Peter Kaczowka: “I really recommend this article to you, Charles and your readers. It may save your life; it will at least save our health care system billions. (‘We would be much healthier as a nation if we stopped worrying so much about fats, and instead made a concerted effort to avoid processed, quick-digesting carbohydrates – especially added sugars.’) Evidence is presented in the article.”

☞ Yes! Short, colorful (the popular Heart Attack Grill’s “Taste Worth Dying For”) – and thought-provoking at the very least. Happily, Charles has become a master of broccoli, corn pudding, and Brussels sprouts. I have never eaten or felt better.

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