Tomorrow: A little more on antique food . . . and on the education solution that breaks the cycle of poverty.

But first a little more on “the trade deal.”

I’ve argued previously that those who hate NAFTA should want to fix it.  Which the TransPacific Partnership does, at least in meaningful measure — Canada and Mexico are among TPP’s dozen signatories — by making the unenforceable promises of NAFTA’s “side letter” enforceable.

And I’ve argued that even if a labor leader somehow knew TPP would create more good jobs than it would kill, he would have to oppose it because those losing good jobs would, understandably, be looking for someone to blame (and it would be him!), while those gaining good jobs would mostly not even realize it was the trade deal (and his support of it) they had to thank.

And I’ve posted this really thoughtful Charlie Rose interview that anyone serious about trying to assess the TPP pros and cons should take the time to watch.

Now comes an updated tariff calculator, complete with 7-minute tutorial, that lets U.S. manufacturers see how much easier it should be to sell abroad.

TPP will eliminate more than 18,000 tariffs placed on Made-In-America exports.

(Donald Trump, needless to say, would have eliminated far more than 18,000. A little baby could have eliminated more tariffs than that.  If there’s anything Mr. Trump has the patience, skill, and nuance to do, it’s negotiate multinational trade deals.  He doesn’t say much; but what he does say is so carefully considered he has already won the respect of most world leaders.)



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