But first:

Ed Costello:Trump Administration Bars Access to Immigration Tent Courts. No public/press in a COURT? Am I the only one freaked out by this?”

→ It’s what Jesus would have done.  Just as He would have separated children from their mothers, cut taxes on the rich, cut aid to the poor, shunned Medicaid expansion, tossed paper towels to hurricane victims, mocked the disabled, despoiled the planet, sided with dictators, advocated torture, used his fame for personal enrichment, defended torch-carrying white supremacists, and ordered Maria Isabel Bueso — invited here when she was seven to help medical researchers — to leave the country and die. (Watch.)

I would argue that Putin — definitely not Jesus — is winning.  Among his goals: destabilizing our democracy, weakening NATO, weakening the European Union, weakening the U.K.  He’s making big progress on all those fronts.

The U.K. is in such a mess.

If you’re interested in the details, watch or read former prime minister Tony Blair.  Basically, he argues a “no deal” hard Brexit would be a disaster.  And a general election is not the way to reassess the popular will.  Needed instead is a new referendum on the kind of Brexit, if any, the people want, now that, three years on, they’ve had more time to think it through.

(My suggestion: offer three or four alternatives, ranging from hard exit to the deal/s Theresa May worked out to “remain” and use ranked-choice voting to determine the result.)



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