Got $1,000 to save the world?

Come zoom with Jay Leno, Barbra Streisand, John Legend, Rob Reiner, Jennifer Hudson, Andra Day — the next President and First Lady of the United States — and a dozen more. 


Join us!

Nick Kristof: wise words on smart ways to “defund the police.” E.g., decriminalize drugs, as Portugal did, and send social workers instead of armed cops.

CNF — A research firm called Greenridge Global has initiated coverage of this Chinese mortgage lender some of us have invested in OWMWCTATL.  Based on a multiple of 8X their estimated 2021 earnings, they’ve set a target of $5.50 for the stock.  Based on a multiple of 16X my wildlyguesstimated 2024 earnings, I’m hoping to sell at around $20 someday.  A reminder: OWMWCTATL stands for “only with money we can truly afford to lose.”

PRKR — yesterday’s note went out to those of you who get this by email before I added a couple of “albeits.”

Barr is the worst Attorney General ever.

It goes back to his bullying days in Pforzheimer hall — where I will admit some of us eighth graders used to launch our book bags down the smooth hallway like bowling balls, hoping to knock over a seventh grader.  But then, as we advanced toward adulthood, some of us grew less evil.

Pompeo is the worst Secretary of State ever.

Just one of dozens of big stories, like Trump’s sustained attack on the environment  . . . and smaller ones, like his kick in the teeth to veterans* . . . that would ordinarily have made it onto the national radar.

Let’s get rid of these people.

Join us tonight!


*”Veterans groups . . . had implored Trump to stand with members of the military who they say are routinely preyed upon by unscrupulous schools for their lucrative GI Bill education benefits.”




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