Run, don’t walk, to Bridge of Spies.  SO good!

Yesterday, I offered amazing dance clips and asked . . . does it get any better than this?

John Carroll:  “Yes, it does.  Start with Seven Brides for Seven Brothers which featured New York City Ballet’s Jacques d’Amboise, and Matt Mattox (not that well known, but an important figure in the dance world).   And The Nicholas Brothers.  Even if you do not actually like their dancing, it is impossible to deny that this sequence is definitive.  Because I have seen Singing in the Rain twice in a row at Radio City Music Hall, visited Pierre Loti’s place in Rochefort, and this features George Chakiris (“Bernardo” in West Side Story), I am confident in suggesting the opening scene of Les Demoiselles de Rochefort. It is a transcendent working of cinema, dance, music and location.  And Apache Dance, Shirley MacLaine.  Certainly the origin of Balanchine’s Slaughter on 10th Avenue, the Apache Dance originated in Fin de siècle Paris, it made hip hop look like a tea dance.  There is also Christopher Walken in Pennies from Heaven, and, and, and . . .”

Doug Schneller: “Just a few days after Halloween, the Benghazi story, like Michael Myers from the eponymous movie, seemingly never dies. Although there is ample evidence that the deceptions about Benghazi are NOT being peddled by Hillary Clinton but rather those who, seemingly, wish to discredit her, nevertheless we have name brand politicians who seem to believe that a lie repeated often enough will become accepted as true.  In that vein, and in case you haven’t seen it, I commend an excellent William Saletan examination of Marco Rubio’s assertions about HRC and Benghazi.



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