That testing clip from yesterday really may solve the problem!  

But first . . .

Michael Rutkaus:Here is an old time radio program from the Damon Runyon Theater.  They are usually interesting but I have not listened to this one yet.  Titled: “Tobias The Terrible.”  Since it has your name and is about the demi-monde of NYC in the 40’s, I thought you might like it.”

→ Anybody old enough to remember Guys And Dolls?  (“When you see a guy / reach for stars in the sky / you can BET / that he’s doing it for some doll.”)  It’s based on Damon Runyon stories.

(Perhaps you know, “Sit down you’re rockin’ the boat?” or “Luck be a lady tonight?”)

I was three when it opened on Broadway, eight when Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra starred in the film.

(“Take back your mink / and take back your poyles / what made you think / that I was one of those goyles?”  No?  How about, “I love you / a bushel and a peck?”  Or “If I were a bell, I’d be ringing?”)

The point is, to the limited extent there is one: I had never heard “Tobias the Terrible,” or any of the other 27-minute radio shows you’ll find connected to that link, despite having grown up listening to my parents enjoy these songs . . .

. . . and then having acquired a copy of Guys and Dolls, the book, on which the musical and movie were based.

Unlike this one, offered at $22,000, my copy has no dust jacket (waa-waaaa), but is signed by Damon Runyon.  I bought it 18 years ago, and if someone paid me $22,000 for it, I’d have made a 12.8% pre-tax annual return.

I also own Damon Runyon’s handwritten will and, bought from the same dealer — a 50-letter archive of letters to his son, bought at Christie’s that same year.  “Priceless.”

Michael knew none of this when he sent “Tobias the Terrible.”

Needless to say, he made my day.

And now . . .

Kris McCormack: Thanks for the video on Covid testing.  Although I had not spent much time thinking about the relative effectiveness of different kinds of Covid tests, I don’t need to be convinced that quick, inexpensive tests are a big part of what we need to get to a new and better normal.   Not only would such tests allow us to open schools safely, even theaters, sports stadiums, and concert venues could be reopened.  All those places already take time to check bags for weapons, bombs, and contraband/bottled water, so why not use waiting-in-line time to spit on a piece of paper and make (fairly) sure no one likely to be infectious mingles in the crowd.  My dentist has been wanting such tests since the start of the pandemic for his staff and for every patient who comes into his office.  Heck, at he $1-$2 price quoted in the video, even churches, bars and restaurants could screen everyone entering the premises. Inexpensive rapid testing is one major highway to some semblance of normal economic and social life.”

Yes!  If you missed it yesterday, watch that clip!  Let me know if Kris and I are missing something.  Otherwise, well . . . gee!

Meanwhile: save our democracy.  Sign up to be a poll worker.  Or pass this on to your kids.  Or to theirs?.

Have a great weekend!



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