Title insurance is such a boring topic, I feel we should start with some whimsy.

Today’s whimsy comes courtesy of Mike Rutkaus, who believes the following site — www.hamsterdance.com — “is the essence of the Web and the new economy.” Check it out and see if you agree. (Give it a minute – there’s music.)

I actually think there’s a grain of truth to this dancing-hamster observation, but only a grain (and I’d guess Mike actually feels much the same way). To me, the web and the new economy are better captured by www.drugstore.com, from which I just ordered precisely the headache and heartburn stuff I wanted (in case Amazon.com should continue to zoom). And by www.circuitcity.com, at which I quickly located the microwave of my dreams. Unaccountably, Circuit City does not yet have a “BUY” button on its site. They seem to want me actually to rouse myself from my chair, during business hours, leave the house, find a Circuit City, find a sales clerk . . . and all that. But the web is still young. In the long run, my sloth will not be denied.

Speaking of sloth, why not put off title insurance until tomorrow? Do us both a favor.


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