Doug Gary: ‘I’m curious whether the Vanguard TIPS fund [VIPSX] is a good way to hold some TIPS. Or do you think it is wiser to hold the individual bonds?’

The only downside to ownership through a fund is the annual expense fee it nicks you for, which is just a quarter of a percent at Vanguard. The upsides are several. Click here for the details.

John Lemon: ‘One of the stocks you mentioned a couple of months ago, NTII, is sneaking up on a 150% gain. So I have to ask, is it time to exercise the better part of valor?’

☞ Discretion/valor, birds/hands, gift-horses/mouths . . . it’s all but irresistible to take the gain, no? And if you’re desperate for Christmas-shopping liquidity, you could certainly do worse. But I’m holding mine.


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