For closed-end funds: Especially handy for checking the fund’s discount or premium to Net Asset Value. I was all set to sell at least some shares in the India Fund, now that they’ve run up so smartly. But according to this site, they sell at a 31% discount to net asset value, so now I’m not so sure.

To find out the selling price for homes on your street: It takes some trial and error to enter addresses in a way the site recognizes, and many seem to have no data no matter how you enter them. But for the ones that do, it’s pretty amazing.

For the directionally challenged: This site prints out astonishingly detailed written directions from wherever you are to wherever you’re going. (“Descend stairs, open front door, advance four steps to Volvo, enter, back out of driveway . . . “) As one who is covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act for having been born with absolutely no sense of direction — a terrible handicap — I rely on this site heavily. It’s also a good way to find zip codes.


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