Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions believes that — until Obama came along and ruined it — we had “the best health care system in the world.”  Rachel Maddow’s blog asks why.  So worth the read, if you have a minute.


I only pretended to go to Yale.  Ohio Senator Rob Portman’s son actually does.  Read his story here.  To think how the world has changed since I didn’t go there.  (For one thing:  Will’s parents were the first people he told he was gay; mine were the last — and not until the book I had written about it was coming out in paperback.)  When my book came out 40 years ago, under a pen name, I referred to my parents as “the Supreme Court.”  Today, the real one is hearing oral arguments — supported by the President of the United States among others — in favor of marriage equality.  Will Portman’s thoughts thereon — that we shouldn’t assume opponents are “bigots” or proponents “immoral” — are spot on.  Makes me proud to have pretended to have gone to Yale.



The state of play for WheelTug, as reported yesterday in Air Traffic Management.  Without going into details as to why I think we may have a better shot at this than the two competitors, it does feel more and more “real” — that one day in that no longer impossibly distant future, jets will maneuver on the ground without having to fire up their main engines.  Can’t wait.




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