I find myself using CTRL+ more and more. In Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, just hold down the CTRL key while tapping the +/= key a time or two or three. A second or so later, in most cases, the text gets wonderfully large.


Already meeting 20% of its electricity demand from wind turbines, Denmark is now trying to find good ways to use the excess generated on especially windy days. Spain is doing equally well. We’re even making progress here. (Scroll down quickly and you’ll see the U.S. getting greener by the year.)

As I’ve suggested, with innovation like this we could be out of the woods in 20 years. Getting from here to there, though, will be no [insert painfully obvious double entendre here*].

* I just can’t bring myself to do it; and yet it cries out to done. Like a sneeze you just can’t restrain. (It rhymes with sneeze.)


Here‘s the first quarter earnings release. And here‘s the conference call. Backlogs are up. Dredges have been redeployed to the Middle East (I picture ducks paddling very slowly from the U.S. to Dubai, earning no revenue as they go, but positioning themselves for future gains). The dredge hit by the orange juice tanker (you can’t make this stuff up) should be back in service soon. Hang on.


Here‘s the first quarter earnings release. And here‘s the conference call. I’m holding on.


I hope you didn’t buy it when I first did. Now, more or less half-price, it’s a better deal. They just announced a Justice Department price fixing investigation. As I understand it, they are not a principal target. I’ve bought a little more.


Richard Vroman: ‘Since you keep threatening us with these, I thought you should have a fresh one ready. Here’s a candidate: A very conservatively dressed, prim and proper upper middle-aged business man gets on the bus – dark three-piece suit, hat, tightly rolled umbrella, expensive leather brief case and all. There’s only one seat, opposite a flamboyant punk wearing metal-spiked leather with a safety pin through his cheek, piercings with studs in tongue, eyebrows, and ears all topped of by spiky green, orange, and purple hair. The older man can’t stop staring. The punk gets more and more uncomfortable during a long ride. Finally he says, ‘What’s the matter old man? Didn’t you ever do anything stupid when you were young?’ The business man pauses a minute and then says, ‘Once I had sex with a parrot. I was just trying to figure out if you were my son.’


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