So I went to buy these really comfortable shoes on-line for a horrifying $90 a pair (Charles would have been horrified at the thought of such cheap shoes) . . . with free shipping because I was buying two . . . but just before I completed my purchase, seeing the APPLY PROMO CODE field on the checkout page, I Googled FLORSCHEIM PROMO CODE, clicked the first entry that appeared, cut and pasted the code into the field, and completed the purchase for 25% off, saving $45.  Elapsed time for the Google detour-cut-and-paste?  Maybe 30 seconds.  If I could make $45 every 30 seconds for a year, I’d have an extra $47 million.  Moral: any time you’re about to make a significant on-line purchase, take a few seconds to check for a promo code.


So you have to watch this video essay on the corrosive effect of political fundraisers.  Really.  You have to.  One distinction I would make between that Chris Hayes does not: at ours, the donors want their taxes raised (and campaign contribution limits lowered); at theirs, the donors want their taxes lowered (and campaign contribution limits infinite).  Also, our top ask is a bargain — only $40,000 a plate.

So their dinners and our dinners are really not the same.  But still.  Watch this powerful piece.



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