There was a lot of booing from a minority of Bernie delegates Monday — amazing how loud 400 people out of 1,836 can be. (I’m wild-guessing that number from the vantage point I had on the podium.) But whatever side of this you’re on . . . even if you’re on no side and just enjoy laughing . . . don’t miss these three minutes!

If you know someone thinking of throwing his or her vote away “to make a statement,” send him this, by columnist Dan Savage . . . with a warning that it’s unbleeped.  Most of Dan’s words have F’s and C’s and K’s in them.

And while we have the Not Suitable For Work light flashing, here is a parody of what someone imagines Hillary is really thinking.

So sharp.

So funny.

(Did you see the case President Clinton made for her? If you’re not a Hillary fan, I wish you’d find the time to watch. We did have eight years of peace and prosperity under Bill Clinton. His perspective is worth considering.)

Finally, of course: if you’re not for Trump, please click here.



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