. . . and obviously were.

Have you seen this Facebook post?

Seven years under Barack Obama:

Obama 7 Years

Not to mention gas prices (down), home prices (up), gays (uplifted), Bin Laden (dead), high school seniors (graduating in records numbers), American Ebola victims (nonexistent), global climate change accord (signed!), women on the Court (tripled), weekly American body count (discontinued), net migration from Mexico (halted), stem cell lines available for research that might one day save your child’s life (multiplied).

If you’re angry we haven’t put millions more people to work revitalizing our crumbling infrastructure or raised the minimum wage or allowed graduates to refinance their federal student loans at today’s low rates — or signed into law the comprehensive immigration reform the Senate passed 68-32 — you should be.

But at the Republicans, because they consistently blocked every one of those things.




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