But first:

On recycling/reusing (from Tuesday) . . . two delightful NPR Planet Money podcasts:  WHY we recycle.  (It started with a funny story and the mob.)  And, more to the point, SHOULD we recycle.  (Oh, God.  It turns out: maybe not.)

You are allowed one reusable water bottle.  And one SodaStream.  No plastic bottles or aluminum cans.

On Borealis . . . everything I know I already told you Monday.  Now that they have funding, it’s kind of silly the stock is $8 — a $40 million market cap for a company that might save the airlines billions each year.  But as always: only with money you can truly afford to lose.

And now, as summer yields to fall:

Putin is winning in so many ways. “Technology is about to upend our entire national security infrastructure.

These are the good old days.  I count my blessings quarter hourly.

Have a great weekend!



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