Okay, so I can’t say for sure it’s really the worst, but you will want to avoid the Paris Hotel if you possibly can. And not just because the fake French accents why-ell yuh air ahn old, monsieur, are so grating. And it’s not just because the $12.99 ‘high-speed Internet’ connection is day-wreckingly slow and the television requires daily calls to ‘engineering’ if you’d like to see movies or exotic channels like NBC.

No, it’s because when you present yourself cheerfully to the front desk on the day of departure to ask either to have the Internet charge taken off your bill or else to have your check-out time extended an hour (your true first choice, you hint), a manager is summoned to tell you, quite simply: no.


When I was in college, Barney Frank was the most popular tutor in our dorm, with dozens of undergraduates hoping to sit at his table for lunch or dinner each day. Not that those who’d ultimately make it would stand much of a chance with him when the discussion turned contentious, as within moments, and to everyone’s great amusement, it invariably did.

Well, 40 years later, Barney occasionally holds the gavel as Acting Speaker of the House, and little has changed. Here‘s a snippet of his jousting with Patrick McHenry, a Republican from North Carolina.

(Take one more minute to see Keith Olbermann singling out McHenry as ‘The Worst Person in the World.’)


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