I don’t know what’s going to happen with the impeachment vote, but I think it’s important we look at the bright side. Namely, that this nation cares, deeply, about honesty and the rule of law.

Some believe the president should be removed from office for dancing around narrow definitions and pretending “not to recall” when asked, in a politically motivated civil lawsuit, about his private sex life. In the history of this nation, no president has ever been removed from office, but perhaps no president has ever committed an offense so grave – or been caught doing it. Finally, after 222 years, a president has committed Treason. Or taken Bribes. Or committed other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Most believe this is an incredibly partisan witch-hunt – but that, obviously, the president did not tell the “whole truth and nothing but the truth.” And so, like the first group, we believe some kind of punishment is, regrettably, called for.

(I say regrettably, because I think this situation was largely manufactured by the president’s enemies. And that private relations between consenting adults should be, and should have been, allowed to remain private.)

As a nation we mostly agree. Truth matters. The law matters. Untruthfulness should have consequences.

(We also agree that private relations should remain private, that overzealous government prosecutors are scary, and that Monica’s dress is a long way from Whitewater, which had nothing to do with the presidency in the first place.)

That’s the good news. Soon the House will decide what consequences are appropriate – censure and a fine, as most of their constituents want – or something more.


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