So the Koch brothers bought the Texas attorney general (now running against Wendy Davis to be governor, as the current governor, Rick Perry, runs to be President) and here is Rachel Maddow’s report on how thrilling this all is (unless you live near an unregulated chemical storage facility that could explode — or at least want to know if you do).  Listen: “what’s good for General Motors is good for the USA,” as they used to say.  Which has morphed, at least in the Republican Party, to “what’s good for the Koch brothers is good for those tens of millions of families struggling to make ends meet.”  How could their interests not be aligned?

(If you have time, watch the segment that follows, as well: Chris Christie explaining why he vetoed a measure that would have limited school-shooters’ clips to 10 rounds before reloading.)

And — on a totally unrelated note (to say the least) — this song, by an 84-year-old, will surprise you.



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