Remember the woman who held her drive-through coffee between her legs, scalded herself, and won a $3 million lawsuit against McDonalds? I got to see a preview of ‘Hot Coffee,’ the HBO documentary that debuts Monday. It begins by making fun of her, using the Seinfeld episode where Kramer sneaks hot coffee into the movie theater by putting it in his pants. And sues? Loved that one. But you will quickly conclude (I think) that – far from being a frivolous lawsuit and a runaway jury – McDonalds got off easy.

Were you aware of that? Almost no one is. Turns out, we have been sold a bill of goods on this case and much else about frivolous lawsuits (with Karl Rove to thank for a lot of it) and you have already lost many of your rights as a consumer.

As someone who edited a Twentieth Century Fund report of medical malpractice tort reform recommendations thirty years ago, and who put three (moderate, sensible) tort reform initiatives on the March, 1996, California ballot, I’m no shill for the trial lawyers. But I’m awfully glad they’re there. And you will be too – and outraged after you watch this must-see documentary.

You really will be. Even if you are one of my more conservative readers.

Set your TiVo. Make a date to visit a friend who does get HBO. This is must-see TV.


Just when I thought all was lost – there’s serious talk this will be the last season the community I visit sprays for mosquitoes . . . there’s an app for that. Search iPhone’s app store for Bug Spray Ultrasonic (which emits one of three high pitched tones) and even if you don’t download it (free) – not least because all of the scary disclaimers and waivers of liability – you might enjoy the comments. (‘Tried this app on a horsefly it pissed him off and he gave me a black eye, so I am scared to use it anymore.’) According to many of the comments, it works.


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