Did you catch Jon Stewart’s clip of the Republican-controlled House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology?  You have to watch.  It would be funny if — to quote former Republican Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative Monday — climate change were not “the single biggest risk to the global economy.”  (Well, in truth, it’s funny anyway.)  May I ask you to share it with any of the 83% or so of Republicans who don’t think climate change is real . . . or that, if it is, humans are contributing to it . . . or that, if we are, we should be worried about it?  And may I ask you to to share the Paulson story as well, as reported here in Forbes?

Seriously: at the very least, thinking Republicans have to not vote this time.  And Democrats need to register and vote in record numbers.  It’s long past time to break the Republican veto that has prevented us from putting people to work rebuilding our infrastructure (that economists say would boost our economy) . . . enacting the bipartisan immigration reform that passed the Senate (that economists say would boost our economy) . . . hiking the  minimum wage (that economists say would boost our economy) . . . and, yes, taking climate change seriously, because it offers tremendous business and employment opportunities even as not dealing with it poses the single greatest risk to the global economy.

Watch.  Read.  Share.  Vote.

Pass it on.



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