Martin Luther King, Jr. — like John Lewis — would have been appalled today at the illegitimacy of our incoming president.

Rachel Carson would have been appalled at his choice to head the EPA.

(“In total, Mr. Pruitt filed 14 lawsuits challenging federal environmental regulations. In 13 of those cases, the co-parties included companies that had contributed money to Mr. Pruitt or to Pruitt-affiliated political campaign committees.”  Click here.)

And who wouldn’t be appalled at his plan to cut taxes on the wealthy* by repealing health care for so many others?

But before we get to the bombshell, another brief word about WheelTug.

WheelTug CEO Isaiah Cox has been invited to address the Cowen Aerospace Conference February 8, the fourth year he’s been invited back. As you can see, participants include GE, Boeing, FedEx, Lockheed Martin, and United Technologies.

With the FAA pre-certification agreement in hand, the vision of a “WheelTug future” where narrow-body jets routinely taxi out from the gate without waiting for a tug and can use both front AND rear doors — saving passengers 15 minutes per flight and allowing airlines and airports an additional 10% or 15% capacity without having to buy a single new plane or build a single new terminal — may seem a little less fanciful.

Shares in parent Borealis must be bought only with money you can truly afford to lose.** Even lottery tickets with great odds, as I believe this one to be, and as ridiculously many shares as I own, generally lead to a total loss of your money, as this one absolutely could. The fact that I’ve been saying this for a longlong time either means “there I go again” or “we’re actually getting closer.” I wish I knew which.

And now . . .

If you found it curious that the only part of the Republican Party platform Trump meddled with was the part chastising Russia over Ukraine (he had it removed) . . . or that the one topic on which Trump has been perhaps most consistent is his defense of Vladimir Putin . . . you’ll find this report to be a must read: Former MI6 agent Christopher Steele’s frustration as FBI sat on Donald Trump Russia file for months.  We have no confirmation the information in that now famous (or infamous) 35-page file is accurate.  But we know Christopher Steele is not some 400-pound guy sitting on his bed known for writing fiction.

We live in interesting times.


*From 18.8% to 15% on investment income in excess of $200,000 ($250,000 filing jointly); from 23.8% to 20% in excess of $418,400 ($470,700 joint) — so basically a $3.8 million tax break on each additional $100 million in dividends and capital gains that he earns.

**And (being very thinly traded) only with “limit orders.”



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