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Jill: ‘What is the DNC going to do to solve the Florida/Michigan problem that its rules contributed to?’

☞ We’re going to do the only possible thing: Stick to the rules (unless both campaigns agree on how they’d like them changed).

These are rules everyone agreed to before the game started – and before anyone knew which states (if any) would break them or which candidates would thereby be disadvantaged.

The rules do allow either state to do a re-vote . . . the DNC can’t force them to – or not to.

Here‘s the background posted a few weeks ago.

But here’s the thing to focus on: we have two superb candidates. The Democratic turnout has been amazing. If we keep our eye on the ball – and come together when the primary is over, as our two candidates have pledged to do, regardless of the outcome – we will win the White House in November, widen our hair-thin majority in the Senate, stanch the rightwing slide of the Judiciary, and begin to get America back on a progressive, hopeful track.

It would have been good to have the presumptive nominee sooner. But June – the likely endpoint – is time enough. That’s when Bill Clinton clinched it in 1992.


Can I say one thing? Every time I hear one or the other of the two candidates confirm that Barack is not a Muslim, I keep expecting them to say, ‘Not that there’s anything wrong with being Muslim. The vast majority of America’s millions of Muslims are hard-working, patriotic, tax-paying citizens like the rest of us.’ Maybe that goes without saying – but I thought I’d say it anyway.


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