Amazing. Two minutes. Enjoy.  (Thanks, Mel!) If you have any idea how he does it, do tell!

Eight minutes with Bill Maher on Donald Trump. I’m sorry for the blue language, but otherwise spot on.  He says we should start by combining the Dakotas — why on earth should they have 4 senators when his home state of California, with 25 times as many people, has just 2?

Those of you who still use Managing Your Money for DOS — orphaned 23 years ago but still better than Quicken (if you ask me), much as Sanskrit may be better than English (i.e., sure, maybe — but it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to switch from English to Sanskrit now) — may be pleased to know Mike Starkey has discovered it runs better under the free DOS emulator  vDOS than DOSBox, and should be sharing settings and tips in the next week or two . . . but even more intrigued to know he’s begun running it himself on this Lenovo stick, a tiny $100 Windows 10 computer you can essentially stick in your pocket.  More on that forthcoming from Mike this month, I hope, too.  Hurray for 2017!



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