NADER.  Tragically, there was a great and idealistic man whose stubborn egotism gave us the war in Iraq and the right-leaning court that gave us Citizens United and gutted the Voting Rights Act, which gave us Trump and ended The American Century.  All Nader would have had to have done was take 20 minutes three days before the election to call a press conference exhorting supporters in solid red or blue states to vote for him, for sure, but in states like Florida and New Mexico to vote for Gore.

COHN.  Roy Cohn was Senator McCarthy’s right hand man — and Donald Trump’s mentor.  Sony Pictures Classics Where’s My Roy Cohn  opens in New York and LA September 20 and “a theater near you” soon thereafter.  “Endlessly fascinating.  Impossible to look away.” — The Hollywood Reporter.  “A comprehensive portrait of evil incarnate.” — Vanity Fair.  “An origin story for today’s amoral political landscape, its marriage of incisiveness and timeliness should make it an indie hit this fall.” — VarietyWatch the trailer?

BIDEN.  Any of our candidates can win if we all work toward that goal.  (One crucial piece: funding the early organizing — now — that will snowball into a massive blue turn-out next fall.)  I know several of them personally and believe that — in different ways and for different reasons — they’d all be pretty great.  I’m 110% for whichever one wins the nomination.  But because Joe is the current the front-runner, I was heartened to see him do so well in his three segments Wednesday night on Colbert — here, here, and here.  He is the exact opposite of Roy Cohn and Trump, decent and honorable to the core; and he is willing to compromise in pursuit of progress, where Nader, tragically, was not.

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