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David D’Antonio: ‘Perhaps I misunderstood what he is saying, but I took Mark Foley’s comments to mean it was ‘revolting and unforgivable’ to ask questions and pry into his sex life – regardless of his orientation.’

☞ Is asking a guy whether he has a girlfriend prying into his sex life? Is asking a guy whether he has a boyfriend prying into his sex life?

Most would not consider the first revolting and unforgivable. So the second is only revolting and unforgivable if there’s something terribly wrong with being gay.

Mark is perfectly within his rights to imply that there is. The rest of us are perfectly within our rights to find that wrong-headed or – in case he actually is gay – sad.

(For the record: It was not ‘Democratic activists’ who outed Mark Foley, according to the May 30-June 5 editorial in the Boston Phoenix, but a right-wing Republican primary opponent. And the St. Petersburg Times reported: ‘While Foley blamed Democrats for spreading rumors about him, virtually everybody mentioning the issue to this newspaper before his news conference was Republican.’)


Remember Borealis, ‘the little stock that is surely going to zero?’ I haven’t written about it in a while (use this web site’s search feature to find the past columns), but the long and short of it is that I am very long this stock even though I should probably be very short it. They claim to have patents on technologies that will revolutionize the world (oh, and an iron ore deposit worth a billion dollars). By now, the company has spun off minority interests in a couple of these projects, which have their own tiny market capitalizations. The parent stock, BOREF, trades in tiny volume, most recently at $2.75 a share (on the low side of the same general ballpark it’s been in for years now), giving the entire company a market cap of about $14 million. It’s surely going to zero, because if it weren’t – if even one of their claims panned out – it would go to the moon.

Supposedly, one of their companies finally has something to sell:

Gibraltar, 28th May 2003: Chorus Motors plc (CHOMF), will be demonstrating its new Chorus® Meshcon(tm) technology at the Drives and Controls 2003 exhibition at Birmingham NEC, United Kingdom, June 3rd-5th 2003. The company says the new Chorus Meshcon design can reduce power silicon costs by up to 70%, creating an attractive profit opportunity for motor and drives companies.

. . . “We are not asking companies to take our word for it [says the CEO]; they can come and look at the demo in action, and if they like, they can purchase some units which they can test in their own labs. Chorus Meshcon is a fantastic advance, and we welcome critical evaluations.”

Chorus Meshcon will be exhibited at stand C100 during the show, with live demonstrations of a small 1.5hp motor run head-to-head with an dentically sized motor using conventional technology.

As I’ve said all along, this is a wild speculation. But if you can truly afford it, I can think of dumber ways to lose your money than buying 100 shares of BOREF. My secret hope is that it will all pan out and I will be rich beyond imagining.


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