One politician with a deep commtment to Israel and a heavily Jewish constituency is Congresswoman and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.  Over the weekend, she endorsed the Iran deal.

If you don’t support it, or remain a bit unsure, I’d urge you to read her Miami Herald op-ed.

Enlightening, too — if dismaying — are the comments it elicited.

The first that comes up is from a retired Ashland, Kentucky man who reasons (in full):

What a moron!

He is followed by someone named Bruce Welt, a professor of agriculture and biological engineering at the University of Florida, who counters the Congresswoman’s arguments with:

The Democrat Party is vile, evil and immoral. Anyone supporting this idiotic and irresponsible concesssion to Iran must be shamed, punished and then ignored. The entire Democrat Party must be shamed, punished and ignored. DWS disgusts humanity.  

As do, it presumably follows, the 340 rabbis, 60 national security leaders, 100+ former ambassadors, George H.W. Bush’s former National Security Advisor, and all the others I’ve linked to — Republicans and Democrats — who also support the deal.  They all apparently “disgust humanity,” according to professor Welt.  

And someone named John Nelson reasons:

Congratulations. The Democratic Party goes down in history alongside incompetent fools such as Neville Chamberlain. Thanks to your wilfull ignorance, our servicemen and women will face fully re-armed and nuclear equipped Islamo-Nazis.

His Neville Chamberlain reference is interesting. Imagine if the world had brought Hitler to the table before he invaded anyone and worked out a deal under which he had to get rid of two-thirds of his heavy weaponry – the most advanced two-thirds at that – and 98% of his ammunition. And agree to 24/7 surveillance of all his known arms factories and arsenals — his entire military supply chain. Would John Nelson have rejected that deal as not worthwhile?  As pro-Nazi in some way? Or might that deal have prevented World War II and saved tens of millions of lives?  Not to say this deal will necessarily be honored by Iran; but if it’s not, we’ll be in a better position than now to take the necessary steps: we’ll have much more intelligence on what needs to be done. 

Oh!  And this just in: an extensive list of top-ranking Israeli military brass who urge Prime Minister Netanyahu to accept the deal.

That not a single Republican in the House or Senate agrees with Colin Powell, who has strongly endorsed the deal, or with Republicans like former Senate Armed Services Chair John Warner, is dismaying on so many levels.  What has happened to the Republican Party?



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