Conservative George Will has left the Republican Party, says we must defeat Trump.

Bush Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson says country over party:  we must defeat Trump.

Whitney Tilson:

I find it ironic that Republicans on my email list accuse me of partisanship because I’m a Democrat when this is what Republicans have said about Trump:

  • Marco Rubio: a “fraud,” “con man” and “lunatic”
  • Mitt Romney: Trump in the White House could “change the character of the generations of Americans that are following” and might result in “trickle-down racism,” “trickle-down misogyny” and “trickle-down bigotry.” “Just seeing this breaks your heart.”
  • Lindsey Graham: a “race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot” and “a con artist”
  • Bobby Jindal: a “madman who must be stopped”
  • Rick Perry: a “barking carnival act.”

Because Friday’s Brexit-etc. post was so long, you may never have gotten to the end: The Inside Story Of How The Clintons Built A $2 Billion Global Empire. Where Trump University was a fraud that did zero of real use, the Clinton Foundation has been a tremendous, ground-breaking force for good.



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