Trump wants you to think Secretary Clinton’s on the wrong side of the “Syrian refugee” issue. I dare you to watch this “60 Minutes” report and agree. You will instead be relieved to know you are not at risk from these refugees; and proud that, in admitting them, America is being just who most of us want her to be.

And then there’s Trump’s rant over ninth-month abortions.  Like so much else in his campaign, it is ill-founded.  (If you doubt that, click here.)

He “stirs hatred and feeds self-vindication, and whether on paper it bears inspection for consistency, logic or soundness is immaterial.”

He’s “a past master at throwing up verbal smoke screens . . . knows the effectiveness of massive oratorical assaults . . . knows how to give pledges that will be broken . . . his crudity frequently borders on downright vulgarity.”

(Those quotes are not about Trump; they’re from the foreword to the 1941 book of Hitler’s speeches he kept by his bedside.)

Click here to vote, here to volunteer, here to contribute (yes, even now!) — and here to see what Republicans are saying about Trump and Clinton.  Help break the gridlock in Washington, elect a Democratic Congress, and see the things most Americans want finally enacted into law: massive job creation revitalizing our crumbling infrastructure; a higher minimum wage; the comprehensive immigration reform that passed the Senate 68-32; student loan refinancing — all of which would boost our economy and reduce inequality.  (And more: sensible gun safety measures; lower prescription drug prices; campaign finance reform; restoration of the Voting Rights Act.)



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