Atheist though I am, I love the teachings and spirit of Jesus, one of the two Jews I’m proudest of.   (You do know he was Jewish, right?)

Well, no pope in my memory has ever “gotten” those teachings and that spirit as well as this one, gracing us with his presence this week.  I’m sure I don’t need to explain, as such an overwhelming majority of Americans seem to agree.

So I just didn’t want to talk about politics or money — or share some inane clip — on a day when he’ll be within walking distance.

Do I share his stated view on reproductive rights and marriage equality?  You know I don’t.  (I’m not certain even he does; there’s only so far one can push the envelope.)  And do I think, by the way, while I’m at it, that Jesus was himself probably gay?  (Well, he had to be something?)  Yes, I do.  And good for him if he was.  Lots of gays have gone on to do great things and he would — obviously — by orders of magnitude be greatest of them all.

Welcome to New York, Your Holiness.  Keep punching.  Gridlock notwithstanding, we’re thrilled you’re here.


*The other, in case you were wondering.  (And, while I’m no special fan of Freud or Marx, this panel makes an amusing statement.)



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