Peter Kaczowka: “Please stop lumping chicken in with beef and pork, when comparing the environmental impact. Read the research; chicken is far better than beef or pork (or cheese) for the environment. And unlike beef, chicken does not damage your heart and is not carcinogenic.”

☞ Peter links to this overview by James Coan in the Daily Princetonian. (“One kg of beef is responsible for roughly 14.8 kg of greenhouse gasses, compared with 3.8 kg for pork and 1.1 kg for chicken, according to Nathan Fiala of UC Irvine in a 2008 article. In other words, eating beef is about 10 times as bad for the climate as eating chicken!”) By coincidence, near the end, Coan even mentions recycled Boise Paper.


Pete Costello: “For those seeking a more moderate dietary approach, Michael Pollan reviews the various sides of the debate (including both Dr. Campbell and Gary Taube, mentioned in Friday’s column) and does a masterful job of cutting through the “dense cloud of confusion” in this excellent NY Times Magazine piece, “Unhappy Meals.” Summary: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.


Kirk Elliott: “There you go dishing boat ownership again! I don’t believe it! You say owning some little spec stock provides ‘fun and excitement instead of throwing your money away on . . . speedboats.’ Don’t you know that boats also provide fun and excitement? Don’t you know that the boating industry employs many thousands of people? Don’t you know that South Florida is the boating capital of the world? Just look at all the things you can do with a boat: fish, swim, water ski, pull up to a remote sandy beach and have sex, scuba dive, snorkle, pull up to a sand bar and have a picnic lunch, cruise to the Bahamas (Mexico, Nantucket), play on the lake, sleep overnight, even live on a boat somewhere. Can you do any of that with your little pharma stock? Hell no!! Please stop discouraging boat ownership!! It’s a great hobby for millions of people and it’s not that expensive!! Please go to and consider even joining!”


If you still use MYM and wish you could run it full-screen, try this: Just press Alt-Enter. (And again to go back.) Apparently, it doesn’t work in every configuration but I just tried it and it sure works for me.


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