Yesterday, The Day After Tomorrow. Today . . .


This is the Michael Moore film Disney chose not to release that won the Palme d’Or in Cannes last week and will surely be one of the biggest films of the summer. One of you who runs a decent sized company writes: ‘Our service manager lost a son in Iraq. He was invited by Michael Moore to see the movie in NYC. He saw it and said any Republican who sees the movie will not vote for Bush. The service manager is a Republican.’

The truth is, while we should be grateful for whatever good things George W. Bush has done for his country these past three and a half years – and I invite your suggestions, because I am hard-pressed to think of any – the world, and ultimately the investment markets, will breathe a huge sigh of relief (and I suspect he may, also) when his term is up.


Roger Berkley: ‘I got this from a Bush supporter who appreciates good humor regardless of the topic.’


Are you a wealthy New York Shut-In? If so – or if you have more money than time (noting, as I occasionally have, that Bill Gates has about $2.40 for each year since time began) – then you should really try FreshDirect. The web site is a snap to navigate; they carry a really wide variety of everything; it arrives on time in great condition; I may never leave the house again. And actually, some of the prices aren’t bad at all.


Bob Novick: ‘Doubting that SVNX could possibly have been EIGHTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS a share, as you said Tuesday, I checked with Morningstar. Its all-time high was actually $2320 at the close and, intraday, $2400.’

☞ Well, that’s very nice, but it closed Tuesday at $3.


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