. . . is sitting in the Oval office.  (Not literally: he’s in New Jersey, golfing.)

Read the story of the voter-fraud commission here.  (And Dunlap’s letter, on which it is based, here.)

Even more important is this must-read history of Russian spying in the US.  The parallels between 1946 and 2018 are stunning and instructive.

It concludes:

. . . In the months ahead, Congress, and then the public, will learn the findings of Robert Mueller and his investigators regarding the Trump campaign’s actual relationship with Russia on its route to the White House. There will be unpleasant revelations, to be sure, but nobody who is familiar with the VENONA story will be truly surprised by any of it.

And then there is the story of KGB awareness of Trump (via its allied Czech intelligence service) beginning in 1977 — 41 years ago! — and how the Russian relationship began developing more than 30 years ago.  Did you know all this?  I didn’t.



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