Should we try to make this a thing?  The Once-Grand Old Party?

The O-G.O.P.?

Too retro?  Too oblique?

Then how about the GAGAMAGA Republicans?  As in, they’ve gone gaga.

Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Asa Hutchinson, Charlie Baker — traditional Republicans deserve respect.

But the leadership?  Trump and Giuliani?  Steve Bannon and Marjorie Taylor Greene? (That link shows her being handed the Speaker’s gavel.  This one shows her defending the 21-year-old alleged leaker as she advocates against standing in Putin’s way.)

The Pillow Guy?

Those Republicans in Congress, like Mitch McConnell, that aren’t nuts are so thoroughly without principle*, so egregiously willing to enable Trump**, as to make one fear for the country.

And then there’s DeSantis, a vengeful bully like Trump.  He’s thought of “endless possibilities” to get back at Disney for defying him.  What has Disney ever done for the economy of Florida?

Not in the GAGAMAGA leadership but still in Congress: George Santos.  The Once-Grand Old Party gone mad.

*Not allowing a Court vacancy to be filled in an election year . . . on the “principle” that the Senate must wait for the election to discern the will of the people  . . . if nominated by a twice-elected-with-a-majority-of-the-popular-vote Democrat . . . but rushing one through after early voting has already begun if nominated by a once-elected-with-a-minority-of-the-popular-vote Republican.

**Seeing nothing impeachable about his attempt to overthrow the election? Nothing about January 6th to cause them to certify Biden’s election later that night?



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