The thing about yesterday’s 6-MINUTE CLIP is that it’s freely available, at least to anyone with Internet access, and everyone in America should see it.  They are free to disagree with it, although I would love to know their logic.  But everyone who’s been exposed to the “job creators” mantra, over and endlessly over, needs to at least have one shot at understanding why it’s a crock.  And why Steve Jobs was not deterred from starting Apple because tax rates were high, and why no business, small or otherwise, is going to pass up the chance to hire workers needed to increase profits because of the rate at which those extra profits will be taxed.

The thing about THE NEWSROOM, especially, for example, Episode Three about the 112th Congress and the Tea Party and the Koch brothers and the news media, is that it’s only available to those who have HBO (though if you do, you can watch that episode right now on your computer or iPhone via HBOGO).  But, boy, would it be great if everybody saw it.  Smart, funny, entertaining, dramatic – raising issues fundamental to the course of our democracy.

The difference between the Nick Hanauer clip and “The Newsroom” – apart from one’s being readily available and the other not – is that, realistically, those predisposed to tuning out Rush Limbaugh’s “four pillars of deceit” — “science, academia, government, and the media” — will find a dozen reasons to dismiss it.  For starters, Episode Three guest stars Jane Fonda (knuckling under to the Koch brothers, but still).

So, realistically, THE NEWSROOM will likely not reach the people who need to see it – although it’s as gripping as, and even more important than, Aaron Sorkin’s previous series, THE WEST WING.

But that 6-minute “job creators” clip?  Where the only “performer” is a self-made American billionaire?  With a short, compelling, logical message?  That, maybe, they will watch.  If you know anyone who believes that lowering taxes on the rich creates jobs, send them that clip.




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