But first:

Microwave your sponges.  Who knew?  Extend their life . . . and perhaps your own.

And second:

The view from Scotland . . . two minutes not to be missed.  Waaaaay more important than the sponges.

And third:

Yesterday, I appended a short SPRT update.  A Wall Street pal was initially skeptical until he check his Bloomberg and found that Renaissance Technologies owns 6%.  Yes, this is beyond trivial for them; and I assume it’s their algorithms that made the decision, not an actual human.  But in my friend’s words, “They are soooo good and soooo smart and usually so right.”  Which is a guarantee of nothing, but encouraging nonetheless.  We’re in good company.

And now!

Your president and the mob.


This is so much bigger than Paul Manafort.

I’m sorry, but as the Scotsman told you, above, this really is an emergency.


  1. Join Team Blue.
  2. CrushTheMidterms.  It even designs an action plan for you.
  3. MobilizeAmerica.

No need to choose: sign up with all three.

And if you can — click here.



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