Fifty top Republican security experts — including Bush’s CIA Director and Homeland Security chief — say that Trump would be “the most reckless President in American history” and have publicly declared that none of them will vote for him.

You have to read their letter.

You have to send it — respectfully — to anyone you know still in Trump’s camp.

And gently point out that there is no equivalent letter on the other side. No 50 — or 5, or so far as I know even 1 — top Democratic security expert who’s crossed the aisle to issue some similarly dire warning about Hillary.

Yes, there was a snarling Rudy Giuliani on ABC’s “This Week” this past Sunday morning to support Trump as being completely fit to be Commander-in-Chief.  But he is the same Rudolph Giuliani who appointed Bernard Kerik to head New York’s police department and supported his appointment to head the Department of Homeland Security.  (The appointment was withdrawn and Mr. Kerik served three years in prison.)  The same Rudolph Giuliani who overrode expert objections to site New York’s emergency command center in the World Trade Center. (It was destroyed two years later in the attack.)

Certainly there are some good things to say about Giuliani (and Kerik). But I find the logic of those 50 Republican security experts far more compelling than the vitriol Mr. Giuliani offered on “This Week.” (Benghazi — again?  Despite all the Republican-led investigations that found nothing? The emails, again?  Secretary Clinton agrees there were errors in judgment; but it’s not the nightmare the Republicans would have you believe —click here.)

Read the letter. It is compelling — and chilling.

And can I say one more thing?

The stock market sits at a record high. And what is the stock market, after all, but a barometer of investor expectations for the future.  Trump tells us Obama is the worst president in history, that unemployment (4.9%) is off-the-charts high (42%) . . . and on and on. (Our military is a disaster; we have stupid, stupid leaders; his steaks and airline and university were enormous successes.)  But the stock market — which presumably expects Trump to lose — is triple its post-Bus low and seems to expect a bright future.

Our Founding Fathers were really well-educated, serious men: eloquent, thoughtful, and courteous. (“Your obedient servant,” and all that.)  George H.W., Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al and Tipper Gore, Mitt Romney, Mike Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, former Bush CIA chief Michael Hayden, Michelle and Barack Obama — these are serious, well-educated, courteous, immensely talented people.  Can you imagine any of them doing this?

The stock market seems to think we will not elect him.  Fifty patriotic Republicans hope the stock market is right.

Read the letter.



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