So what do you think of the death penalty?

Even if you’re for it in some circumstances, what do you think of imposing it as the punishment for consensual gay sex?  Too harsh?

So what would you think of a UN resolution calling for an end to that?

And — the real question — what would you think of a country that votes against that resolution?

Welcome to America, folks: your country just did.

[UPDATE: This, at Snopes, provides the other side of the story — basically, the U.S. felt it was too broad, urging nations that have not yet abolished the death penalty altogether to consider doing so.  To judge for yourself, here is the resolution.  While we’re at it, if you think people aren’t wrongfully sentenced to death, here’s Jon Oliver on the glaring flaws in forensic science (the clip itself is at the end of the article).]

Meanwhile: Michigan lets taxpayer-funded child-placement agencies reject gay couples regardless of their ability to provide good homes for abandoned kids.  Here‘s a 30-second spot — “The Kids Pay The Price” — meant to debut on Fox but rejected by the network.  And here‘s the ACLU’s take on that.

My onw view: some prospective gay parents, like some prospective Irish or Hindu or elderly or disabled parents, may be unfit to provide good homes.  But the determination should be based not on race or religion or gender identity — you don’t think Ellen DeGeneres could be a good mom? Anderson Cooper, a good dad? — but on the character, motivation, and resources of the applicants.




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