Following up on my earlier post, in which I suggested that — just as the Trump Justice Department believed there was a case against Michael Cohen and “Individual 1” that led to Cohen’s indictment, conviction, and imprisonment — so is it not unreasonable for a grand jury to decide (given the uniquely American concept of “equal treatment under the law”) that there may be a case against Individual 1, too . . .  and that the legal process should take its course as it did for Cohen.

Here is the Republican point of view of that perspective — worth 90 seconds of your time.

For those of us who’ve listened to the “Georgia” conversation . . . or followed the events of January 6, 2021 . . . or think it’s illegal to lie about top secret documents you claim not to have and refuse to return . . . there is the hope that at least three more indictments will be forthcoming . . . in each case, offering defendant Trump the same opportunity all the rest of us have to remain innocent until proven guilty.*

*Realistically, given the millions he raises to fund his defense, he has a far better opportunity than most indicted Americans have.  As, for example, these five impoverished young men who spent between 6 and 13 years behind bars before proven innocent . . . and for whose death by electrocution Trump loudly advocated in citywide newspaper ads.



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