Someone named Thor sent me this. The only other Thor I know was Thor the Nordoom, who used to stand his 7-foot frame out by the Donnell Library around 53rd Street, and such other urban haunts, wearing a Viking costume and handing out some kind of literature that proclaimed him to be, in fact, Thor the Nordoom. (Well, he didn’t exactly hand it out; he had it in a sort of wooden pouch on his belt, as I recall, by his hoof.) Beware.

“This virus works on the honor system,” Thor writes:

Please delete all the files on your hard disk,
then forward this message to everyone you know.
Thank you for your cooperation.

On a separate topic, 2 million people are supposedly shopping on a thing called Supposedly, when you click there and sign up and start buying stuff, you will get refund checks within a week or two — and I will get a piece too (because I have secretly embedded my ID in that hyperlink). Supposedly, when you refer friends of your own to this, you, too will start getting checks for their purchases.

This will make us all rich beyond imagining.

Of course, if each of their 2 million shoppers gets them five more who get them five more who get them five more, that’s 250 million shoppers right there . . . and two more levels takes it to every human on the planet.

But I don’t care. Sign up. Let’s all get rich together.


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