Know a well-meaning, open-minded Trump supporter with a daughter or grand daughter?  If so, find a respectful way to ask him to consider this  90-second video, “Girl in the Mirror.”

And perhaps ask him to listen to the first 30 seconds of this . . . Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse.

Republicans have won the popular vote in 1 of the past 7 presidential elections . . . and will have gotten to appoint 4 of the last 6 Supreme Court Justices if Judge Barrett is confirmed by Senate Republicans in breathtaking violation of their own pronouncements.

A country built on Common Sense should perhaps better reflect common sense and restore faith in the Court’s impartiality by adding three justices appointed by Democrats — Merrick Garland comes to mind as one of them — so that the balance would be 6 ad 6 . . . and then have those 12 select 3 more.  Imagine that: a depoliticized Court.  Wouldn’t most Americans favor that?

Responding to Ryan Holiday’s letter to his dad (“I believe this exceptionalism comes with responsibilities”), Paul deLespinasse suggests a Statue of Responsibility to complement the Statue of Liberty.

Check out this free e-magazine: The Future of Science In America: The Election Issue.  Its 15 articles include: “Award-Winning Scientists Offer Advice to the Next President of the United States” . . . “To Make Science Engaging, We Need a Sesame Street for Adults” . . . “Deep Fake Video Technology Is Advancing Faster Than Our Policies Can Keep Up” . . . and a lot more.  Kudos to editor Aaron Mertz, the cello-playing fearless solo-world-traveling (North Korea!  Kurdistan! Zimbabwe!) Rhodes Scholar biophysicist who was tending to mice in a research lab when we met and is now Director of Science and Society at the Aspen Institute.


The above, posted Friday, turns out to have been photoshopped.  My apologies.  The real truck, Snopes tells us, got stuck in 2o15, ironically emblazoned: ON THE ROAD TO SUCCESS, THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS.


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