A lot of you are familiar with the Motley Fool website. If you haven’t checked it out, you should.

Most of it’s about stocks. I can’t say I agree with every last nuance (e.g., shorting stocks, they advise, “isn’t nearly as dangerous as most people think” — oh, yeah?). But I certainly enjoy their humor, wisdom and exuberance and admire their success. And in addition to stock-market advice and guidance and fun, you’ll find a bit of vaguely-related money stuff, like a recent article suggesting ways to get a good price on a new car.

One tip:

“Wait till the last week of the month to go car shopping. Dealers are on a month-to-month quota system and have to make space for coming shipments. By the middle of the fourth week, you can bet that those with ‘product’ on the lot are getting pretty impatient.”

For the rest of the Fool’s advice on this topic, click here (link no longer active).

Much of the strategy espoused involves a level of effort I personally would not make. And I advise most money-conscious folks to buy used cars anyway. (“That new car smell is the most expensive fragrance in the world,” I keep telling you. “The best advice on buying a new car is: Don’t.”).

But no one has a more lively, irreverent take than the Motley Fool.


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