How one longs for the days of nonpartisan Justices making wise decisions.  Very hard to see Bush v. Gore as having been such a decision.  And once Bush was installed and moved the Court further right, we got this:  Five minutes from Jon Stewart guaranteed to make you laugh and cry.


Would it be in some way death-panelish to suggest that we shouldn’t be paying $28,000 for vials of a drug that, according to Forbes, cost $50 when first approved in the 1950s?


Tom Martel: “Is there something going on with BOREF that is driving down the price?  Or is the lack of (good) news allowing it to slip?”

☞ Patience is hard to sustain.  I am only good at it because I’m wildly diversified (so there’s always something going on) and because of my Friendly’s Ice Cream experience, where I held on for a couple of years — an eternity to a 25-year-old — only to sell days before it was acquired at a higher price.  Scarred for life.

And because I’ve seen it rewarded.

I bought 1,000 shares of TPL (Texas Pacific Land Trust) in 1995 at $4.35 — a stock that could hardly be more different from BOREF, except that it was pretty obscure and seemed to represent a lot of potential value.  The only piece of the story relevant here is that I sold some of it yesterday at $125.

I have others like this — and of course lots that are worthless.  But if you’ve bought BOREF with money you can truly afford to lose, whether you paid $3 or $21, I would just wait.  E-Taxi of some kind strikes me as inevitable; WheelTug seems to have the best solution; why is that not potentially worth a lot of money?



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