The Biden Bounce — “The people who said Biden isn’t smart are looking a bit dumb.  In the nick of time, he draws on five lessons to revive his presidency.”

A nice way to start the week.

The Trump Indictment — “It gives me no joy to write this piece,” laments a Trump fan in the right-wing Washington Times.

Could a Trumuppance loom?

Speaking of which . . .

The Fourteenth Amendment — can an insurrectionist hold public office?

(Also: the remarkable case of Victor Berger, ejected from Congress under that Amendment simply for writing editorials.)


My high school classmate and soccer team forward (left forward, I’m guessing, given his politics), Farhad Vakil, was the son of Iran’s ambassador to the UN.  Mickey, as we knew him, was no fan of the Shah.  During his college years he would make nervous jokes about the SAVAK, and his being on their radar.  A few years later came the news that he had died someplace deep in Africa while doing humanitarian work, ostensibly from a disease . . . though to this day, we wonder.

All this wildly off-topic, except for two things:

> We all loved Mickey.  I look for any excuse to keep his memory alive.

> It was he who introduced me to pomegranates.

We’d go over to his place to hang out and a bowl of chilled pomegranate arils would appear.  What is better than that?

Except that if you don’t have “help” of the kind to be found in the ambassador’s residence back then, you probably know that it’s someplace between fun and annoying to dissect a pomegranate.

Everybody needs to do it at least once.  After that, it’s tempting to splurge on a pre-shucked container of arils . . . eating the seeds as well, or, more likely, spitting them out — a minor annoyance of its own.

But what if you could dispense with the shucking and the spitting altogether?

So here, now, at last, the bonus.  Behold Georgia’s Natural Organic Pomegranate Juice (as in Georgia the country, not the state) – All-Natural, Cold Pressed Pure Juice Rich in Vitamin C – Not From Concentrate – No Added Sugars or Water – No Gluten, GMOs, Preservatives – 33.81 Fl Oz Bottle.

Expensive, to be sure.  But served cold from the fridge and then further chilled over lots of ice, I can’t think of anything better.




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