You’ve gotta feel good for Big L.C., as he’s known.  Watch this!

The only thing that remains is to figure out how society might better serve those in tough straits who don’t have such blankets.

Some think the solution is to get rid of the estate tax on billionheirs, squeeze the social safety net, shutter drug treatment programs,* and shrink the minimum wage by not adjusting it for inflation.

Others think the solution runs more to raising the minimum wage and investing in the future, putting people back to work revitalizing the national infrastructure and providing our kids with terrific schools, pre-K, and after-school programs.

But whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, L.C.’s is still a really nice story.


*As governor, Jeb Bush got rid of the one tax that affected only Florida’s wealthy, cutting it to zero . . . while slashing the state’s drug treatment programs and fighting efforts to reduce classroom overcrowding.


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