A clip you’ve surely seen (40 seconds).

And now this (not much longer) that I saw only yesterday.

Some game last night!  (I assume.  It was 3AM.)

The game here kicks off around noon local time:

Thousands of workers gear up for mass strike Monday in protest of judicial shakeup

About 300 tech companies, venture capital funds and law firms are expected to gather for civil protest at the Knesset, as well as doctors and mental health professionals.

Hundreds of tech startups, law firms and other private sector companies have allowed tens of thousands of their employees to join a nationwide civil worker strike on Monday against the government’s contentious plans for a judicial overhaul. . . .

“We wish to send a message, loud and clear, that Israel’s fragile democratic fabric must be protected,” leaders of the tech protest wrote. . . .

It’s a sort of inverse January 6 — a NON-violent rally (one hopes) to SAVE democracy, not overturn it.

Stay tuned.

Have a great week.



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