Alan Flippen: ‘Having had WAY too much time on my hands, I decided to do some historical research. Here’s what I found about the only previous father-son team to serve as President:

  • John Adams served two terms as the vice president of an immensely popular president before being elected in his own right.
  • As president, Adams pursued a successful foreign policy but botched his domestic policy, and alienated large segments of his own party. After one term, he lost his re-election bid to a Southern Democrat with a history of marital infidelities.
  • Adams lived to see his son, John Quincy Adams, become president in a disputed four-way race in which he ultimately prevailed despite losing the popular vote to a Democrat from Tennessee.

‘What the future holds for the Bushes if history continues to repeat itself: Adams Sr. died midway through his son’s term of office. John Quincy Adams was unable to get any of his policies through a hostile and divided Congress. After one term, he faced a rematch with the Democrat from Tennessee, and lost in a landslide.’

☞ I’m not saying this means anything; just that, as is so often the case, you guys come up with more interesting things than I do.

Peter Madaus: ‘The Pirates won the 60 World Series . . . but if you reverse it (Pirates won games, lost runs), Yoder’s analogy yesterday works.’ Mike Watts: ‘The Pirates beat the Yankees 4 games to 3. New York out-hit Pittsburgh 91 to 60, out-scored them 55 to 27, out-homered them 10-4 — and still lost.’


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