We pledge to borrow yet more hundreds of billions of dollars from the Chinese to continue the tax cuts on income over $250,000.

We pledge to halt infrastructure spending, because the best way to put people back to work is to leave them unemployed as our bridges collapse.

We pledge to be as much like Herbert Hoover – and as little like FDR – as we can.

The way to inspire confidence in our future is go deeper into debt, let our infrastructure decay, lay off teachers, police and fire fighters.

More to follow.


This is a movie that the right wing will be inflicting on the nation shortly. It is designed to shift even more wealth and power to the already exceptionally wealthy and powerful.

David Durst: “You know what the funniest part of that trailer is? The counter on top showing ‘our ever growing national debt.’ When Ronald Reagan entered the White House our national debt was 0.9 trillion dollars. That’s right: LESS than 1 trillion. Between 1980 and 1992 the Republicans (Reagan and Bush) ramped up ‘our ever growing national debt’ from less than $1, to $4.5 TRILLION dollars. Almost a 500% increase. I don’t remember a single Republican saying a word about our national debt then? Do you?? Then we had 8 years of a Democrat (Clinton) and the national debt increased from $4.5 trillion to $5.9 trillion [but shrank relative to the size of the economy as a whole). That’s a 31% increase in 8 years for the Democrats vs. a 500% increase in 12 years for the Republicans. Next we had good old GWB for 8 years and guess what happened? The debt more than DOUBLED again — from $5.9 trillion to $12.3 trillion. So once again, a Republican President with Republican Senate and House of Reps exploded our national debt. And now we have a Democrat back in the White House – and all of a sudden, the Republicans are SCREAMING bloody murder about the debt. They ran up the National Debt from less than 1 to more than 12 trillion dollars AND they left us with an economy that’s almost as bad as the great depression. And NOW they are worried about the debt?”

☞ This movie is designed to misinform and manipulate the man on the street struggling to make ends meet. It aims to persuade him to vote against his own interests. Boy, is it slick.


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