So much to say, but maybe less is more:

OUR ECONOMY.  With Obama, we continue to move forward — as the housing market is finally showing some strength and consumer confidence is rising.  With Romney we get a depression, because the Republicans are wedded to short-term austerity that would out-Hoover Hoover, taking hundreds of billions of dollars of demand OUT of the economy at exactly the time we should be putting it IN, rebuilding our infrastructure.

OUR PRIORITIES.  With Obama, we get policies that favor the middle class and the vulnerable, and a push for Clinton-era tax rates (and/or Reagan-era tax rates on investment income).  With Romney, we get FURTHER huge tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy and $2 trillion extra military spending the Pentagon hasn’t even asked for.

OUR PLANET.  With Obama, we continue to take threats to our environment seriously.  With Romney, say good-bye to the doubling of fuel efficiency standards and the wind and solar subsidies that can keep us from ceding these industries-of-the-future to China.  Governor Romney scoffs and Republicans laugh right along with him.  Watch.  Takes just a minute.

OUR COURT.  With Obama, we keep the Court from tilting even further right.  With Romney, the anti-democratic vise of Citizens United will grow ever tighter.

Isn’t this enough?

Mainly, I just want to say thanks.  Some of you are Republicans — a warm thank you for listening (and, if I’m really lucky maybe even staying home tomorrow).  Most of you are Democrats or Independents planning to vote to keep the country moving forward — thank you for that.  And many of you have helped with time or money — thank you, especially, for THAT.  (It’s STILL not too late!  We know some people wait til the last minute, so we budget knowing that they will come through, so please do.)

If we win tomorrow, here’s how you did it: an illuminating report from the field.



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