But first:

Rachel Maddow on Michael Caputo.  Beyond words.  Must watch.  We desperately have to find an off-ramp for Carl and Tom.

As noted last week, 81 Nobel-Prize-winning scientists have endorsed Biden.

Now comes Scientific American, endorsing a a presidential candidate for the first time in its 175-year history.

Maybe those of us who “believe in” science — which is to say things like electricity and facts, aerodynamics and logic, antibiotics and truth — should think twice before putting mankind’s future in Trump’s somewhat small hands.

And now:

Aviation Week says WheelTug has the field pretty much to itself.

Yesterday, it was demonstrated in Memphis.


The video starts three minutes in (waiting for Zoom attendees to sign in).

The company says it may remain up for only a day or two, so now’s the time to click if you’re interested.

If you don’t own BOREF shares (with money you can truly afford to lose), it’s like watching paint dry.  Or being stuck on a plane waiting for passengers to board, stow their stuff, and take their seats (if only they could board from both front AND rear doors, in half the time!) . . . and then, once they have, waiting for a tug to come push the plane back from the gate (if only the plane could just back out on its own!).

Inch by inch . . .

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