CBS Sunday Morning is reliably thoughtful, elegant, absorbing TV — at least for those of us old enough to still watch TV.  (The problem with kids these days, I’ve long joked, is that they don’t watch enough TV.)

A good Sunday morning alternative to church, for us non-believers: uplifting, respectful, civil.

This past Sunday was particularly good, guest-hosted by Ted Koppel with the theme “divided America.”

Click the link above to watch the full 10/16 episode; or watch specific segments.

I found this one, on the divide between college and trade-school grads particularly interesting.  (After watching, the wise parent or grandparent just might encourage his son or daughter to become a plumber.)

And this one, on Western Oregon’s drive to secede and join Idaho, thought-provoking.

And this one, on my 100-year-old hero Norman Lear’s plans for the future, inspirational.

And this one, showing what happens when Braver Angels brings red and blue together to find common humanity, hopeful.

The rest are good, too.




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